Dogs Are People Too: Summer Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Summer Edition

Hi everyone,

It’s the start of summer! Grab your shades and sunscreen, it’s time to get outside with your dog.

There are so many things you and your dog can do: you can go to the dog park, hit the beach, or just enjoy the weather in your backyard. I’ve gotten together the best DIYs and tricks to cool down no matter how you spend your summer days.


DIY Cooling Pads

It’s a beautiful day to be outside with an ice cold drink or maybe even a frozen treat, but what about your dog? It’s important to make sure they have a place to cool down, I mean you try spending the summer in a fur coat! Luckily, blogger Diana has given a list of all the supplies and broken down step by step how to create the perfect cool off pad for your dog. All you need is some fabric, ice packs, and a little sewing skill.

Pawsome Popsicles

Remember that frozen treat I mentioned earlier? Have your dog join in on the fun with these cute dog-friendly treats! This simple recipe just has 2 ingredients and makes the perfect hot weather pup-sicles to help your best friend beat the heat.


Let's Go to the Beach

Spending a day at the beach? Everything you need is right here! This is a full list of things to keep in mind for a dog-friendly beach day. It’s bound to come in handy! Did you know there’s a sunscreen for dogs? I didn’t before this list.

Remember to keep yourself and your furry friends hydrated this summer. I hope you all have a blast!