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Hi-Viz Green
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Already have the greatest Dog ID in the world? You’re so close to having the trifecta of durable dog gear! Complete your dog’s look and collection with the Accessory Kit. This Kit comes with one Rock Solid Leash and one Rock Solid Collar in a color of your choice that will last forever (fur realz). 

Furry Features:

Rock Solid Leash 

  • Hands-free 
  • 6’ long and adjustable to the perfect length. 
  • Hi-Vis
  • Swivel snap-clip
  • Padded handles for comfort 
  • Easily secure your dog to a post, tree, or even your waist.

Rock Solid Collar 

  • Hi-Vis stitching 
  • Ultra-strong woven nylon
  • Rust and chip-resistant D-ring

“The material on both the collar and leash is nice and lightweight. I like the extra “close up” handle on the leash for keeping Ollie closer to me when needed. He seems happy with it when I bring it out, so I guess it has the Ollie stamp of approval.” - Susan W.


Our dog, Beckham, was recently hit by a truck while we were out running. Beckham survived, but he immediately ran off, completely spooked. He was missing for two full weeks, but his Scout ID helped us get reunited! Beckham is microchipped, but the people who helped catch him could not tell. They COULD, however,see his Scout ID! We are a happy running family that was thankful to be reunited. Thank you for everything you do! You guys are great! 

- Ellen L. from Hutchinson, KS

Ghost the Alaskan Malamute

The ID tag for dogs has saved my dog and me multiple times. I'm the owner of a 9-year-old Alaskan Malamute who still acts like he's 6 months and can run more than 25 kilometers.
On top of all that, he's an escape artist. Open the door with groceries in my hands, and he thinks it's time to escape!

So Ghost (The dog in question) did escape multiple times, I can't even tell you the number of times it happened. Normally, I had a dog tag that would get all greyed out and the writing disappears after a while. Luckily the ROAD iD tag does not and people could reach me if they found Ghost first.

That tag is simply amazing and saved him time multiple times so far. Wether we're home and he's escaped the yard or on an adventure like we always go on, we can count on the tag to be read clearly and contacted.

By the way, with the shipping and preparation combined I was impressed by the speed of it all to be delivered to my door steps.

-Tristan T.

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