Missing Dogs Found: How DOG iD Made a Difference for 3 Runaways

Missing Dogs Found: How DOG iD Made a Difference for 3 Runaways

Let’s face it: Even the most well-behaved canines can wander from home. We asked three pet parents to share how DOG iD made a difference when it mattered most.



"The DOG iD tag saved my dog's life when she escaped out of my fenced backyard. She dug her way out and was almost hit on the highway. Thanks to the tag, someone was able to call us and get her home in less than an hour! Actually, before I even knew she was missing, I got a call from the people who found her.


I can’t possibly describe how thankful I am. If it wasn’t for her ID, my husky puppy would have never made it back to me again. She’s a runner and tends to shake or bite off all other tags herself. But not this DOG iD.

She made it a whole city over in less than 20 minutes and her ID stayed completely secured.

A very nice lady called me and even brought her back to my house. I’m so glad there are still good people in this world. I bought her this tag not just a WEEK before she ran away. I’m so grateful."


—Cora P.



"My daughter and her husband had just bought a house in Virginia. They have a 4-year-old Lab Mix rescue named Buddy. Buddy is micro-chipped. I saw the ad for DOG iD and immediately bought one for Buddy knowing that he would be outside a lot. They moved from a city where Buddy was always leashed but have a fenced in backyard in the new home.

Buddy is well trained and not really a “runner.” But on Easter, the fence gate was left open and he just wandered out. Everyone was inside eating and thought Buddy was out in his new backyard. Well… he wasn't, and panic set in.

They set out to look for him and then my daughter's phone rang. He wandered into someone's yard and thanks to his DOG iD, the story has a happy ending. He was almost 1 mile away and would have never found his way back home in an area that was still strange to him."


—Gina G.




"DOG iD has saved us multiple times. I'm the owner of a 9-year-old Alaskan Malamute who still acts like he's 6 months and can run more than 25 kilometers. On top of all that, he's an escape artist.

If I open the door with groceries in my hands, he thinks it's time to escape!

Ghost (The dog in question) has escaped multiple times. I can't even tell you the number of times it has happened. Normally, I had dog tags that would get all greyed out and the writing disappears after a while. Luckily, DOG iD does not and people could reach me if they found Ghost.


That tag is simply amazing and saved him time several times so far. Whether we're home and he's escaped the yard or on an adventure like we always go on, we can count on the tag to be read clearly and know we'll be contacted."


—Tristan T.