4 Unique Dog ID Tags for Your Furry Friend

4 Unique Dog ID Tags for Your Furry Friend

No dog parent will be short on words when it comes to describing how much they love their dog(s). A single look at their Instagram profile will be enough to know that their dog is their life. 

A pet parent’s life is mostly spent thinking about how they can improve their dog’s daily life, thinking of the positives above all else. Unsurprisingly, they’d prefer to not imagine losing their dog, either by them running away from home or being snatched up at the dog park. The unfortunate truth is it happens, with over 10 million cats and dogs being lost or stolen each year

You might not want to think about it, but you can take proactive steps to lessen the chances of it happening. A simple way to protect your dog is to purchase them a new reliable dog tag.

Our no jingle dog tags visually stand out from traditional tags, while additionally removing the incessant jingle-jangle noise you’d get when they’d run around and go wild. Here are some of our favorite dog ID tags and all the ways you can make them unique for your pup. 

4 Unique Dog ID Tags

After 20 years of innovation, our stainless steel dog IDs have been perfected, providing a tag made of surgical grade stainless steel with an engraving that is guaranteed for life. Sitting flush with your dog’s collar, the dangle-free design protects your dog against snagging their collar anywhere while reducing all excess noise produced by traditional dog tags. 

Here are four of our favorite variations available:

Slate Dog ID Tag

Slate Dog ID Tag

The slate Dog ID tag is sleek, matching the style of traditional dog tags with the upgrade of a guaranteed-for-life engraving and no-jingle fit. 

Graphite Dog ID Tag

Talk about unique dog ID tags. The graphite Dog ID tag is for the rugged dog who has an adventurer’s spirit, fitting their boundless spirit and unencumbered sense for exploration. 

Rose Gold Dog ID Tag

Talk about cool dog tags! The rose gold Dog ID tag is as much a fashion statement as it is a way to readily identify your dog.  

The Rock Solid Collar ID

The Rock Solid Collar ID 

The Rock Solid Collar takes the engraved DOG iD dog tag to the next level, providing a molded silicone seat that holds your dog’s ID in place while protecting the engraving. Additional Hi Vis stitching makes sure your dog is visible at night, keeping them safe on early-morning and late-night walks. 

What You Should Get Engraved on Your Dog’s ID Tag

The best thing about custom dog tags is that they will be customized! Our unique dog ID tags become yours by engraving them with relevant information about your pup, from their name to their personality traits. Here are some ideas to consider: 

Your Dog's Name

Adding your dog’s name is a personal choice. How so? There’s some merit to the argument that it’s easier for your dog to be stolen if their name is listed on their ID tag—making it easier for them to be called over and for thieves to claim the animal as their own. Furthermore, not much can be done with a lost dog by only having their name listed. 

If you want to add something, consider listing their nickname or the message “I am loved.” The former will make your lost dog calmer when someone finds them, while the latter will let others know that your dog is missed if they are lost. Further, it might deter a thief from completing the heartless crime.  

Primary Contact Information

If you don’t feel like listing your physical address on your dog’s ID, consider adding your phone number. But only do this if you’re someone who has your phone on them at all times—and if you’re bound to answer a call from an unknown number. List your partner’s number if they’re more likely to pick up the phone. 

Secondary Contact Information

Afraid you’ll miss the phone call when the time comes? List the number of a trusted friend who lives in your area. They can either get your lost dog for you or pass the news–and that kind stranger’s phone number–on to you. 

Personality Quirks

If you want to inform a friendly passerby about your dog, consider leaving a friendly message on their tag. This can include sayings such as, “I’m a big teddy bear,” “I scare easily,” “I growl but won’t bite,” “Scared by loud noises,” “I don’t like dogs” or “Like cats. Not kids.” These simple messages can be important in case anyone is kind enough to let your dog into their home until they can contact you. They’ll know the dos and don’ts of your furry child.  

Find the unique dog tag that fits your dog’s personality today, only at DOG iD! Guaranteed for life, this dog tag will stylize your dog while keeping them safe at all times. 

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