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The Dog ID

How to Size and Attach the DOG iD to Your Collar

Does The DOG iD work with Martingale collars?
It doesn't. But if you really want one, shoot us an email and tell us about it. Many new products have been created because smart people like you said we should make them.

We also happen to sell the World's Greatest Collar, if you're interested.

My elastic broke. What now? 
Just shoot us an email. We'll take care of you:

Do you have a Cat ID?
We absolutely do (and we're casually excited about it) !


The Rock Solid Collar FAQ

Sizing Information

Fits neck sizes 10.25" - 15"
Collar Width: 3/4"
Works with the SMALL DOG iD

Fits neck sizes 14.5" - 22.75"
Collar Width: 1"
Works with the MED/LARGE DOG iD

Fits neck sizes 18" - 28.5"
Collar Width: 1.25"
Works with the X-LARGE DOG iD




How to Measure Your Dog for a new Collar

If you have an existing collar

1. Remove your dog's collar and measure from the inside of the clip to the edge of the clip housing on the opposite end.

2. Make sure to add room for growth if your pup is still growing up.

3. Refer to the size ranges above.

If you don't have an existing collar:

1. Locate something flexible around the house: string, yarn, a thin belt, an extra charger cable, etc.

2. Gently wrap it around your pup's neck, above the shoulders where her collar is comfortably worn.

3. Mark the place where material wraps around to meet itself and measure this distance.

4. Don't forget to add room for growth if your pup is still growing up.

5. Refer to the size ranges above.

Will you add more colors?
You bet. If you would like to request a specific collar color, let us know:

Is there a warranty on the Rock Solid Collar?
This is the greatest collar in the world. Short of magical powers and a Pez dispenser, it has everything you need. If you ever have an issue with the collar, or if it falls short of your high expectations, please let us know and we'll make it right. Promise.


The Schitty Kit FAQ

How many treats can fit inside?
The extra zip pocket on the outside of the poopy bag is great for holding treats. We estimate you can pack in about 20 medium-sized Milkbone style treats, or one leftover pork chop.

Can you engrave on the Schitty Kit?
We currently don't customize the Schitty Kit. If you think we should, send your ideas to:

Will it come in other colors?
Eventually, the Schitty Kit will likely be offered in some additional colors. For now, we hope you enjoy the chic, ninja-like mystique the black lends to your dog walking wardrobe. 


Still need help?

We've got your back:

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Email Us - we reply faster than a sheep dog can tie a sheep shank:

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