What Should You Do if Your Dog Goes Missing?

What Should You Do if Your Dog Goes Missing?

An ID for your dog is a necessity. 

Fancy tracking collars are cool, but they need to be charged. They could even break while on your dog’s impromptu adventure! That is exactly why it’s important to have your dog ID’d and microchipped. In fact, the traditional ID is the quickest way for your dog to receive the help they need if they run off. 

Now, let’s say your dog gets out..what do you do? 

  • Start looking immediately. Dogs tend to stick around what’s familiar, so be sure to hit up any spots they know. 


  • Call shelters and vets.  Your dog may have been found by a stranger first. Call up your local animal shelter and veterinarians to see if any dogs similar to yours have been brought in. You can leave your information with them to be contacted in case your pup shows up. 


  • Recruit help! Your friends and family love you and your dog, they’ll be happy to assist in looking far and wide to reunite you and your best bud. 


  • Post on social media. The awesome thing about the internet is that you can reach millions of people with just one click. Use that to your advantage and post your dog’s photo, description, where they were last spotted, and your contact information should they come across them. You can do this across platforms and reshare as needed. 


  • Leave familiar items out. Your dog may not be able to pick your house out of a lineup, so the best way to get their attention is with familiar scents. You can leave out your dog’s favorite food, their bed, or their favorite toy so they can sniff their way home.