How to Properly ID Your Dog

How to Properly ID Your Dog

What ID is best for your dog? 

There are so many IDs for your pet out there, but most of them are the traditional “hang down” style. A better option would be our Dog ID

With the Dog ID, you get all the safety plus some! Our IDs are safer and more silent with a unique design that allows the ID to sit flush on the collar. This means no more snagging! On top of making your dog safer, this design is completely silent. Your ears deserve some rest after all that obnoxious jingling. 

What information is the most important? 

You may have an ID, but does it have the recommended information? We have some suggestions for must-have info that will help if your dog gets out. 

  1. Their name 
  2. The best phone number to reach you at. 
  3. Your address for the safe return of your pup. 
  4. If they are microchipped, simply putting ‘microchipped’ on a line is a great communicator that your dog can be returned to you easily. 

We have multiple lines on each Dog ID so that you can format your dog’s ID in the best way for you. Heck, some people have room to place a little line about their dog’s personality like “rub my belly” 

You can read real-life stories about how Dog ID has helped reunite these little runaways with their owners here: