Wowza, that was fast

Wowza, that was fast

Hey there,

I have a quick challenge for you (at the bottom of this post) but first...

It's the Friday before Christmas. I'm at the office. It's pretty chill around here as most of the team has wisely scampered off for the holiday. I love the normal high energy of our office. As I write this note, however, I find myself enjoying the quiet. It's a perfect setting to reflect upon the year...a year that seemed to wiz by faster than a Jack Russell in turbo mode.

I find this time of year to be a special blend of hustle and pause. Amidst the holiday frenzy, most of us find time to reflect on the moments that made the passing year special.

For me, I think about time spent with family and friends - 
there never seems to be enough of that. I also think about time spent with the teams at DOG iD and ROAD iD - we're a lucky group of humans who actually enjoy our jobs and the people we work with - bizarre, I know. I also think about the customers (that's you) that make these jobs possible - we really do obsess over making the world's best gear - for you and your furry companions. I also think about time spent with Buck and Molly - our canine philosophers that continue to teach us the art of unconditional affection. Sappy, I know - but hey, it's Christmas.

Speaking of time with our pups, here are a few moments that we shared with Buck and Molly in 2023.

Before we leap into 2024 with the enthusiasm of Molly chasing a squirrel, I encourage you to pause and reflect on 2023. 

Here's an idea: take a minute, right now (seriously), and scroll through your photos from 2023. 
Go ahead, I'll wait. 

Great. You're back. 

Now that you've taken a stroll down your digital memory lane, think about the moments that stood out this year. Think about the moments you cherish most. 

As you do that, here's my challenge to you: Before you set your 2024 New Year's resolutions, consider how you might make more of those memories in the new year. Trust me, it's a resolution worth keeping.

In closing, the DOG iD team and I want to extend a massive, massive "thank you" to you and your dogs. Without you, we don't get to do what we do. To that end, if there's anything we can do to make your experience with DOG iD even better, just email us at and let us know. We're all eyes and floppy ears.

Happy New Year,