Dogs Are People Too: Big Dog Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Big Dog Edition

Hello, hello!

I was having trouble thinking about which dogs to highlight, but realized some of my favorite things I found had something in common - big dogs!

I love big dogs, they’re so sweet and oftentimes don’t know just how massive they are. The phrase “gentle giant” is so true. I mean, who doesn’t love a 100 pound lap dog?

Though their personalities are larger than life, big dogs are actually more emotionally stable than small dogs and are generally super intelligent. They tend to bark less as well! Sounds like the perfect roommate.

Now sit back, relax, and grab your big ol’ teddy bear. This one is all about the big dogs!


TLC (Treats, Love, and Care) 

They aren’t kidding when they call them nanny dogs! This Bernese mountain dog, Ivy, loves her little human sister. Watch as she treats her sister with special care and read a little more about why exactly they got the role of nanny dog.  

Bernese Babysitters


Hide and Seek

This one will make you laugh for sure! This great dane plays hide and seek with his owner…or tries to.

Watch Now



Sweets for the Sweet

This dog loves barking…I mean baking. Billie the Newfoundland is the official taste tester of Three Dog Bakery in Kansas. I’d give this good girl 5 out of 5 stars! Read all about her role at Three Dog Bakery in this article.

Employee of the Year


I hope you loved these big dog stories. All of the others I found that didn’t make it into this edition had one thing in common - these giant dogs are too sweet!