Dogs Are People Too: Small Dog Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Small Dog Edition

Hey everyone!

I’ve been seeing some solid dog content lately. A note to the general public: please keep recording your dogs doing weird things. You will always have a fan in me. 

There’s so much great content that I’ve decided to split some of my favorites into big and small breeds, therefore we have the Small Dogs Edition up first! 

A few facts about small dogs: 

    • The chihuahua is the smallest dog breed; some adults can even be as small as 2-3 pounds.
    • Small dogs were often kept by royalty and the elite (I feel like this explains a lot.) 
  • Small dogs tend to be a bit more vocal, but this is just because they are more territorial and protective of their owners. They’re just trying to help! 

  • Car Confusion 

    Cheddar not only has one of the best names ever, but he’s a backstreet driver. Cheddar’s mom was filming at the perfect time and caught his reaction to his big sister getting in the driver’s seat. Have you ever seen a more expressive dog? The concern on his face has me laughing every time I watch it. 

    Concerned Cheddar 


    Sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world, sometimes I feel like Hobbs. This little guy’s hydrotherapy session will make you smile - just look at those little paws! 

    Float On 

    Top Small Breeds 

    This is the top 43 (yes, 43!) small dog breeds. Scroll through this list and read some fast facts about breeds you may not have known about - plus there’s tons of cute pictures! You might even find the new love of your life. 

    Best Breeds

    I hope you loved this small but mighty edition of Dogs Are People Too. Remember - if your small dog acts like a prince or princess, it’s in their DNA!