Dogs Are People Too: Feel-good Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Feel-good Edition


We’re almost at the end of January and I hope this edition finds you well. 

My goal for this edition is to bring a smile to your face. If your day isn’t going so great, I want to make it better…and if your day is perfect, get ready to level it up.  

If you know someone that needs a smile in their inbox, share this with them! Who doesn’t want happy dog content? 

Good for the Soul 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re someone that can get lost in scrolling through dog photos and videos. Not only are you my kind of person, but you’re probably happier than anyone else! It’s science, really. A study has shown that looking through dog photos actually improved overall well-being. Read more in this article. 

Hello, Goodbye 

Cedar and Sprinkle Margaret-Jean are back again! My new Tik Tok obsessions are here to teach you how to teach your dog to wave hello. If your pup can already shake hands, you’re halfway there. You’re about to have the most polite puppy on the block. 

Hi There

January is Almost Over

Each of the January issues have featured a dog trick, did any of them inspire you to teach your dog any of them? If they did, let me know! I’d love to hear stories and see videos of your dog’s best trick.