Dogs Are People Too: Get Moving Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Get Moving Edition

Hello, everyone!

We’re halfway through January (woo hoo!) and I hope 2024 has been treating you well so far.

A popular new year resolution is to get fit and get moving, so my mind is on ways I can improve my own health throughout the year. While looking around I actually found some dog-friendly activities that I thought I would include for this issue - the Get Moving Edition!

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Let’s Get Physical

Getting exercise with your dog by your side is fun, but weather can be troublesome. Harsh winters can put a pause on walks, and hot summers can bring hot asphalt that can damage your pup’s paws. Don’t even get me started on a rainy day wet dog. That’s why Shyler Mecham created Bark n’ Go, a mobile gym made especially for dogs. Read more about how dogs can set their own pace in a climate-controlled environment for optimum exercise conditions.

Hoop Hoop Hooray

It’s still National Train Your Dog Month! This is a fun and physical trick - not to mention impressive. Impress your friends and burn some energy teaching your dog how to go through hoops!

Do you like to exercise with your dog? If you do, tell me what your favorite physical activity is! Maybe it’s hiking or a run through the neighborhood…and yes, it is still a run even with frequent fire hydrant breaks. I’d love to hear what gets you and your dog moving together, so reply to this email with your story. Photos are welcome as always!

Thanks for reading!