Dogs Are People Too: Training Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Training Edition

Hello paw-ty people, 

You did it, you’ve survived the first week of 2024! I hope the new year is treating you and your pup well so far. 

January is National Train Your Dog Month and while the last issue had a fun training Tik Tok included, I thought I would make this one centered around training! We’ve set some goals for the new year - now let’s crush ‘em! 

WALK This Way

One thing no one loves is getting dragged by their dog when going for a walk. It happens to the best of us. The cute little furball is just really excited to be out with you! Leash training isn’t just limited to puppies, older dogs can learn too. Just remember to give them a little extra patience, it’s hard to break old habits! This article by the American Kennel Club goes step by step in explaining how to go about making your dog the best leashed walker in town. 

Leash The Beast


Bell Service

We all wish our dogs could speak to us, mostly for their inputs on the latest Netflix binge you’re going through, but also to know when they need something. I can’t help you with getting their Love is Blind opinions, but I can share this Tik Tok that shows you how to train your dog to ring a bell when they need to go outside. Your dog (and floors) will thank you! 

For more training references, you can check out the American Kennel Club’s training section here. It is a collection of articles you can browse through to find exactly what you need to train your dog, you may even come across something new! 

Did any of these inspire you? Let me know! Also, if you’re looking for a great leash to train your dog with, I suggest our Rock Solid Leash. It’s durable, Hi-Vis, and even has a hands-free option! There are also lots of colors to choose from, which doesn’t have anything to do with training, but is fun…so it counts towards something. 

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