Dogs Are People Too: Puzzled Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Puzzled Edition

Hi everyone! 

A moment that lives in my mind rent-free is the time my friend got a slow feeder bowl for her dog. She filled up his new bowl and sat it in front of him where he proceeded to look at us like “are you serious?” and flipped the bowl to eat off of the floor. 

That was not the day his eating slowed down as needed. 

It was the day I learned that meal dog toys like slow feeders, puzzle feeders, and lick mats actually burn energy on top of keeping your dog mentally stimulated. Along with the energy (and calories) burned by these products, it also reduces anxiety for your furry pal!


I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole looking at all of the different puzzles, snuffle mats, and learning tools for dogs . Seriously, I bet everyone has the materials to make at least one of these things from stuff laying around the house. I thought I’d share some things I found with you - and don’t forget to share with a friend to spark some inspiration in their lives. 

DIY Mastermind 

I know the thought of buying all new bowls and toys is exhausting. There’s always the question of if they’ll completely ignore something they should be having fun with or if you won’t be able to pull your dog away from their newfound love.  /p>

This is where these 3 awesome DIY puzzles for your dogs come in handy. Not only will they be getting some exercise and enrichment, but you can make these puzzles with household items! Sounds super easy to me.

Doggie DIY

Dude, Where’s My Food? 

Here’s another DIY enrichment activity that costs $0! You can finally put those Amazon boxes to good use. 

Play Along

Down the Rabbithole 

If I added in every video I watched concerning these enrichment ideas I’m pretty sure I’d get in trouble with my boss. If you have time (like, a lot of it) and want to see more, search the keywords Dog Enrichment on Tik Tok. I know I will be…once I’m off the clock of course.

I hope this issue could inspire you to take some time and think of puzzles for your pup! You can kick back and watch the fun unfold, or tease your own brain with a crossword or two while they work. Either way, you both deserve some treats for your hard work.