Dogs Are People Too: Valentine's Day Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day-eve! 

I always get so excited for holiday editions of Dogs Are People Too. It adds some extra fun to an already great part of my day! 

Valentine’s Day is such a cute holiday to show your love to the special person in your life…even if that special person is your dog. Honestly, your dog probably deserves that title more than anyone else…and that’s where this edition of Dogs Are People Too comes in. found some sweet ways to show your dog a little extra love on the 14th.

I Chews You

American Kennel Club doesn’t miss! They’re one step ahead of the game and already have a list of activities you can do with your dog to celebrate your love for them. There are plenty of ideas if you want to go ahead and extend this past Valentine’s Day. Sprinkle some puppy love throughout the year - they’ll appreciate it!

Be My Valentine?

Expectations Vs Reality

Picture it: a nice candlelit dinner with your loved one with a private performance...except the band is your dog and their squeaky toy. 

Watch this little musical prodigy serenade his humans at their special dinner.  

That's Amore

Treats Can’t Be Beat

This sweet treat checks all the boxes: delicious, healthy, and pink! Since your dog can’t have a box of chocolates, these are the next best thing. There are options for both a frozen yogurt recipe and a baked version, both are super easy with only 3 ingredients for the frozen treats and 4 for the baked treats. Bonus points if you have a heart shaped ice tray or cookie cutter to make them festive! 

Made With Love

I hope I could inspire some Valentine’s Day fun! Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, I hope you take some of these little acts of love into consideration. If Valentine’s Day is totally your thing and you couldn’t quite find the perfect gift - we have your solution. Keep your dog safe, silent, and snag-free with our Ember Dog ID to show your dog some burnin’ love. Already have a Dog ID? Take a look at our Hi-Vis, guaranteed for life Rock Solid Collar in a beautiful pink! No matter how you celebrate, your dog will appreciate every bit of it!