Dogs Are People Too: Love Your Pets Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Love Your Pets Edition

Happy National Love Your Pets Day!

Did you know that was a thing? February 20th is a day dedicated to showing some extra love and appreciation for your pets. We may spoil our pets every day, but today we have a legit reason for it. It is a holiday, after all!

I’ve gotten together some sweet things to do with and for your dog to show your love on a day dedicated to how much you love them. 

Don’t forget to share this with a friend that may not know it’s Love Your Pet Day - their dogs must know! 


Paint with Paw-casso 

This activity is so sweet! Make a memory and a keepsake with your dog using just paint, a canvas, a Ziploc bag, and some peanut butter. Check out this article that will show you how to turn your dog into a painter. 

This sweet project is great for both of you. Your dog will get a little treat, and you’ll have the sweetest painting from your best furry friend. It’s such a fun way to keep a little part of them with you forever - plus you get some one of a kind wall decor. 

Cat owners - you can do the same thing with some Catnip! 



Happiness Is a Bouncy Castle 

I dare you not to smile when you see the best of good boys Good Boy Ollie! Is it frowned upon to celebrate Love Your Pet day with someone else’s pet? Watch Ollie and his brother Tato have the time of their lives when their owner shows some extra love and treats them to a bouncy castle…for a bit. 

Jump Around


I hope you celebrate the rest of Love Your Pet Day in your own special way. Maybe you can go for a car ride or go to the dog park to have fun! If your pup is a foodie, you can always look at past issues of Dogs Are People Too for some dog-friendly treat recipes. They’re super easy and your dog will love them! 

Are you celebrating Love Your Pet Day? If you are, please reply and let me know what you did. I hope to see some happy dogs and beautiful peanut butter paintings!