Dogs Are People Too: Talent Show Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Talent Show Edition

Good morning, starshine!

The odds of you reading this in the morning are probably slim, but I really wanted to open with that so I took my chance.

Whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night I hope you’re ready for some fun dog content. This is a show-stopping issue all about dog talents! Share this newsletter with someone whose dog has a secret talent, and yes - making food disappear counts. 

Step in the SPOTlight

Your dog has been hiding something from you. Their breed has a special skill set! This article highlights 30 breeds and what they do best. Some were surprising, like poodles have the traits to make excellent police dogs! 


Sweet Moves 

Alexandra Côté has showcased her amazing dogs on TV, but this impressive feat is just on the beach. as Alexandra’s dog Lumi dances better than most humans, myself included. It’s totally fine if you watch it at least 3 times. I for sure did. 

Get Groovy


Here’s one talented dog in particular that even broke a world record! Otto is from Peru and, get this, can skateboard. Watch as he glides through the legs of 30 people and sets the world record for “longest human tunnel traveled through by a skateboarding dog” Oddly specific goal, but it’s fun to watch! 

Wheely Cool

Does your dog have a talent? I want to hear all about it! They don’t need to dance or skateboard, something as simple as balancing a treat on their nose is perfect. They may want to learn a few moves after seeing Lumi, though. Time to put on your dancing shoes!