Dogs Are People Too: Sports Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Sports Edition

Hello!  How is everyone? I hope this newsletter finds you well!  I am super excited for this issue because the stars seemed to align when looking over what I would write about.  
I had a Tik Tok saved that I knew I had to include in one of the future newsletters. You’ll see it later, but spoiler alert: it includes a hockey dog!  
This edition is being released on March 5th, which is actually National Sportsmanship Day. Without further ado, let's highlight some MVPs (Most Valuable Puppies)! 

Blue’s Clues

This one was brought to my attention by my cousins who attend Butler University (hi, Kayla and Lindsay!) They said their school mascot was a real dog that drives around the basketball court in a little car…say no more, I am on it.  Blue is the beloved mascot of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana and he has all of the adventures! His Instagram is amazing, and yes - does show off the car!  
(speaking of Instagram, if you have an account follow us for even more dog posts @dogid)  

Meet Butler Blue

Henry Loves Hockey   

Saginaw Spirit are a hockey team from Saginaw, Michigan with the cutest hype man! Henry waits just off the ice to give the best fist bumps to the players. I’m not saying Henry is their good luck charm…but I am saying fistbumps are mandatory.


Blue and Henry are some of my favorite sports pups I’ve seen! Does your dog have a favorite sport they like to watch or try to join in on? Every game with a ball is just leveled-up fetch, really. Let me know - and let me know if they would get an award for good sportsmanship! To make it easier, games with siblings don’t have to count.