Dogs Are People Too: DIY Edition

Dogs Are People Too: DIY Edition

Hi friends! 

I hope everyone is doing great and ready to get creative! I’ll let you in on a secret: I am a sucker for a good DIY or craft. Sometimes you get your dog’s new favorite treat out of it…and sometimes you end up with a mountain of dirty dishes in a kitchen that smells faintly of burnt cheese. Such is life. 

This issue of Dogs Are People Too is for those that see the words “do it yourself” and say “yeah, I can.” I see you. I am you.


Balm Dot Com

The weather is crazy right now, hot one day and cold the next. Your skin can get extremely dry from all of the back and forth (mine certainly is), but did you know that your dog is right there with you?  Dogs can get dry and cracked paws, just like how we get dry skin. Since dogs can’t use their coupons and reward points to grab some lotion, there’s another way we can help them. Enter: paw balm! There are many DIY recipes for paw balm around the Internet, but I chose to share this one with you because it’s completely lickable! Yep, it’s safe for your pup if they decide their paws are looking particularly tasty - not to mention there are only 3 ingredients! 

Pampered Paws


Get it? Like upcycling? *ba dum tss*  This super easy DIY is a win for everyone! You get to tidy up your closet and your dog gets a new toy, how can you say no to that? 

Game Time 

We have our very own little DIY video for you to check out. All that’s needed is a towel, some treats, and a curious pup!

Play On

Leash the Beast

This one is for advanced or ambitious crafters! Make your own leash station, complete with easily accessible treats. This good looking project requires just 8 items. The blogger who tried it out even got it done in about 30 minutes! 

(ps - our Rock Solid Leash would look pretty darn good in that leash station!)  

Get Crafty


I hope I could inspire you to try one of these projects, even if DIY isn’t normally your style. If you try any of them, let me know how it goes!