Dogs Are People Too: Adventure Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Adventure Edition


Volume 8

Hi everyone! We are back with Dogs Are People Too, and this one has a bit of a theme. We’re about to see some dogs that have done crazy cool things. You’re going to want to get a piece of paper and take notes on how these dogs live life.

Ollie the Do Good Dog
At just 4 years old, Ollie the Do Good Dog has had more adventure than most humans will have in their lifetime. Ollie and his owner took on the challenge of jet skiing 500 miles from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati and conquering over 90,000 waves in 5 days. What’s even more impressive is that they managed to raise money for shelters, set world records, and do a bit of river clean up in this trip. Check out Ollie’s website to learn more about his adventures and how to give back. While you’re there, check out his photo album. His captions are the cutest.


See the states with Sox
Grab your tissues, folks. This is a video following Sox and his owner Michael as they complete their goal of visiting all 50 states, 154 national forests, and 20 national grasslands in the US. This adventure was 10 years in the making and was even put at risk when Michael suffered a life-changing injury. It’s inspiring, heartwarming, and includes a dog on a motorcycle. What else can you ask for?
What about your adventures?
Have you ever taken your dog on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure? Have you set out to complete any goals with them? I want to hear about it! Reply to this email with your own adventure stories, or even a goal you’d like to achieve with your pup.

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