Dogs Are People Too: Volume 7

Dogs Are People Too: Volume 7

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We’re on Vol. 7 now, so it’s time you know something about me: I have a lot of questions about everything.

For example, what is the line in the Disney universe when it comes to dogs? Pluto is a dog and has the traits of a traditional dog, but Goofy is a dog and gets to be humanized. For what reason? And when they celebrate Goofy’s birthday, do they classify his age by the number of “human” years he’s lived or do they acknowledge dog years? Is Pluto aware of the hypocrisy?

Where were we? Oh yeah, random questions. As I was going through some things for DOG iD, I had a thought: What are some of the most insane dog houses in existence? This leads us to our first topic.

Mojo Dojo Casa Doghouse
We know you spoil your dog. It’s fine, we do it too…I mean, why else would there be cute seasonal toys if not to make sure your dog has a pumpkin in October, a snowman in December, and a stuffed tree from Arbor Day that remains untouched?

These people are taking it a step further with houses ranging from $800 - $310K. It’s pretty impressive and worth a look. My dream house is a beautiful brownstone in New York, so that’s my favorite design. What’s yours?


Crafty Closet
Time for everyone’s favorite: dog TikToks! This pup is living in luxury and their owner knows how to do it on a budget. Is it bad that this is more organized than my own closet?

Speaking of Dogs in Clothes...
Halloween is coming up! The talk around the office has been nothing but excitement for dogs in costumes. Do you dress up your dogs for Halloween? If you do and you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further. Check out some of our favorites as well as a list of popular pet costumes.


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