My Puppy Would Have Never Made It Back Home

Your dog tag saved my dog's life when she escaped out of my fenced backyard by digging out and was almost hit on the highway. Thanks to your tag, someone was able to call us and get her home in less than an hour! Actually, before I even knew she was missing, I got a call from the people who found her.

I can’t possibly describe how thankful I am. If it wasn’t for ROAD iD, my puppy would have never made it back to me again. She’s a runner and tends to shake or bite off all other tags herself. But not this DOG iD. She made it a whole city over in less than 20 minutes and her ID stayed completely secured. A very nice lady called me and even brought her back to my house. I’m so glad there are still good people in this world. I bought her this tag not just a WEEK before she ran away. I’m so grateful. Thank you! 

—Cora P.