5 Gifts for Dog Lovers and Pets

Whether it’s to celebrate the howl-idays, commemorate that special ‘gotcha’ day, or maybe it’s just a particularly spectacular Tuesday, buying gifts for your dog is fun. We’ve put together a DOG iD gift guide to help spoil your own pup, or even win the coveted title of favorite dog aunt/uncle.  

The Dog ID 

DOG iD in Slate

What it is: The world’s sleekest and safest silent ID. This ID is all joy and no jingle with its snag-free design. Avoid dangerous crate hang-ups that the old dangly tags can cause. Spare yourself the impromptu renditions of the cowbell in (Don’t Fear) The Reaper when your pup is just trying to drink from their water bowl. 

-Perfect for: Any and all dog owners, those suffering from jingle-induced insomnia.

-Why they’ll love it: ID is a must-have for anyone who owns animals. Why not cover safety, sound, and style with this necessity?

-Good to know: The engraving is covered by a Lifetime Guarantee, and IDs are replaced FREE if they become tough to read.

Rock Solid Collar ID  

Rock Solid Collar in Blue

 -What it is: A collar so durable, so thought out, that we spent 10 years perfecting it. The safe and silent trend continues with Hi Vis stitching and no jingling parts. The Dog ID has its own little place to live in the molded silicone seat that keeps it in place while protecting the engraving.

-Perfect for: Those looking to step up their collar game.

-Why they’ll love it: Comes with a Dog ID and keeps you visible in the dark. Plus, the durability of this collar promises to keep up with any shenanigans that may arise throughout the years.

-Good to know: If your recipient already has a Dog ID, you can purchase the collar by itself here.

Rock Solid Leash  

Rock Solid Leash in Pink

-What it is: The world’s greatest leash. Seriously, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of leashes. Its hands-free, Hi Vis, and durable features will make sure it’s the last leash you ever buy.

-Perfect for: Dog and man with a sense of adventure, anyone looking to make their outings easier.

-Why they’ll love it: It’s Hi Vis, adjustable, can be worn hands-free, and has a double-handle for those times when you need ‘em close by. In short, this leash has everything you need to eliminate stress from what should be a fun time with your pup.

-Good to know: This leash matches the Rock Solid Collar, so your pooch will be ready for the runway. This is the last leash you’ll ever buy. Yes, really. It lasts forever (fur realz).

Schitty Kit 

The Schitty Kit

-What it is: A breakthrough in canine crap carrying that sounds ridiculous…until you have one.

-Perfect for: Those with sensitive noses, anyone scared of ripping a hole in their Mega Lo Mart bag while walking their dog.

-Why they’ll love it: The Schitty Kit boasts 3 ways to wear everything you need on a walk, all while keeping the funk of dog doo out. Between the double-walled doo doo chamber, mesh pockets, Hi Vis trim, and Poopy Bag gasket, you’ll be prepared for anything thrown your way. You’ll be a Schitty Boy Scout, if you will.

-Good to know: The Schitty Kit comes with 24 Poopy Bags to start out strong!

Gift Card

-What it is: …a gift card. 

DOG iD Gift Card with a puppy chewing its leash.

-Perfect for: Anyone unsure of a desired engraving or size, pals of picky pet owners.

-Why they’ll love it: They can grab exactly what they want, you bought it for them, everyone wins.

-Good to know: We have eCards available for purchase.

Here at DOG iD, we want you and the special pup in your life to em-bark on adventure. We hope this list will help you find the perfect gift, so you can earn a well-deserved two paws up!