Dogs Are People Too: All Smiles Edition

Dogs Are People Too: All Smiles Edition

I hope everyone is having a great day! I decided to make this issue all about happy dogs bringing smiles to our faces, because is there anything better than happy dogs?

I didn’t think so.

Get ready to get your smile on!


Bed is Life

This adorable golden retriever is so excited to show his dad his brand new bed! I can’t say I blame him, I also love sleep and this seems like a big upgrade.


Brush With Happiness

Look at this adorable little dog! Lady Mini (SO CUTE) enjoys getting her hair brushed. That may be an understatement given the little happy dance! Let’s be completely honest, though - this is how we all feel after a fresh new haircut.

Happy Dance

Make Your Dog Happy

Your dog deserves all the happiness in the world, but you knew that. Make their days a little extra special by following some of these tips to brighten their day.

Get Happy