Dogs Are People Too: Support Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Support Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

This issue of Dogs Are People Too is inspired by a real-life experience I had recently. My dad underwent a rather extensive procedure that had us camped out in a hospital waiting room for about 10 hours.

After 3 hours of waiting…and waiting…and waiting, the elevator doors opened and here came Harper!

Who is Harper? He’s a retired seeing eye golden retriever that enjoys rolling in the grass and munching on bully sticks. Oh, and he’s worn a tie every single day he’s been a working dog! I know all of this because his owner handed me Harper’s business card (adorable) with all of these stats.

The hospital my dad is being treated at has many therapy dogs that they bring into patient’s rooms and surgery waiting rooms. They are the best boys and girls bringing smiles and comfort to those going through a hard time, so this is a thank you to those dogs working to support us when we need them most!

(And a very special thank you to Harper, who came right up to me and leaned on me while I pet him. I’m the coolest member of my family, so I get it.)

Classroom Canine

Emotional support dogs aren’t just for hospitals! This lucky classroom has their very own classroom puppy. This video is a little look into the pup’s life on school days.

Bark to School


Soon-To-Be Helpers

Our friends at 4 Paws for Ability stopped by for some puppy playtime! These teeny tiny future service dogs may be young, but they’re going to be the best service dogs you’ve ever seen. Just look at their mini vests! Sidenote: when one of the dogs gets picked up, all I can think about is the aliens from Toy Story saying “the claaaaw.”

Future Employees of the Month

Next time you see a support dog, be sure to thank them for their hard work! We appreciate them more than they’ll ever know.