Dogs Are People Too: National ID Week Version

Dogs Are People Too: National ID Week Version

Hi friends! 

Today is National Pet ID Awareness Day, and this is a day that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Here at DOG iD we strive to protect your best friend on every adventure they go on, whether that’s hiking up a mountain or going to the v-e-t. 

The Dog ID is a great option for all dog and dog owners with its durable design and engraving that is guaranteed for life! Your furry friend will be safer no matter where they roam.  

Runaway Tips 

Do you know what you should do if your dog goes missing? 

Don’t sweat it! We’ve compiled a list of what to do if your pup decides to go on an impromptu adventure so you can focus on getting them back home.

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Reunited with Stevie

At the risk of making myself and everyone else cry, I wanted to avoid any sad videos about lost pups. Instead, I wanted to show you the love in reuniting with a dog. 

Even though Stevie went from one loving home to another, he still remembers who saved him. Just like your dog would! 

Pure Excitement 


The Best of the Best 

What is the most optimum way to get your dog ID’d? Do you go for a physical ID or a microchip?

We answer these questions for you in our blog! 

Super Safety 

I hope this could help a bit if you’re looking for the best way to ID your dog. Between the high-quality Dog IDs and high-quality information advice, I think you’re all set!

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