Dogs Are People Too: BFF Edition

Dogs Are People Too: BFF Edition

Hi everyone! 

I hope everyone is doing well. This issue is dedicated to our BFFs (best furry friends) and how we stick by each other no matter what.

Get your tissues ready - these are some heartwarming stories. 

A Trail Tale

Sergio Florian formed an unbreakable bond with dog Stevie after saving her from the Pu’u Manamana trail in Hawaii. Sergio went above and beyond and actually carried Stevie back down the steep hill before sundown. Read more and even watch some videos taken by Sergio himself. 

Sergio + Stevie

Welcome Home 

This adorable dog named Captain vlogs his first day being adopted! The little voiceover is adorable, and look how much he loves his new family.

Puppy Persistence 

Joe Rotunda never gave up on Alva. Alva has wobbler syndrome and spent 24 months in and out of shelters and foster homes until Joe took the time to visit her every single day for 2 months. Remember when I said you’d need tissues? It’s for this story.

I hope you enjoyed these stories of some of the best friends these folks will ever find. Now go give your dog extra pets and a little treat- they deserve it!