Dogs Are People Too: Dogs Are People Edition

Dogs Are People Too: Dogs Are People Edition

Hi there!

When I was thinking about what this issue of Dogs Are People Too should be about, I had to get a little philosophical. How, you may ask? I started looking from within and decided to get a bit literal.

This issue of Dogs Are People Too is all about dogs, well, acting like people. I’ve got some cool pups that are just a bit too human for me to ignore, and I write about remarkable dogs every week!


Stamp Your Paws-port

Meet Bao, the world traveling chihuahua…seriously. Bao is living his best life flying from country to country, wearing designer clothes, and dining like canine royalty! It’s safe to say he’s living any humans’ dream life and looking great while doing it. It’s completely fine if you’re jealous of this little guy’s life, I certainly am. 

Let It Go 

Sometimes we just need to let it go. That’s exactly what Jupiter the bulldog does when given the freedom to express himself. Spoiler: he’s got some big feelings. 

Dog-gone It

Respect Your Elders

I dare you not to smile at this 3 year old pup named Finn who just might secretly be a grandpa. His owner says that despite Finn’s mischievous nature, he has some old man tendencies like that he needs to be carried to bed every night at 8:30 (me too). There’s even a little extra science-y element at the end of the article that is super interesting. 


Does your dog do anything that makes you question whether they were a human in a past life? Let me know, I’d love to hear about it!