Dogs Are People Too: The Cozy Issue

Dogs Are People Too: The Cozy Issue

Volume 12

Hi everyone! The holidays can be stressful, so now is the perfect time to take some time for yourself and your dog and just enjoy each other’s company before the craziness revs back up. Maybe I can inspire you to de-stress with the Cozy Issue of Dogs Are People Too. 

If you live somewhere like Kentucky, where DOG iD HQ is located, you’re probably doing your best to stay warm right now. Warm drinks, comfy clothes, fuzzy blankets, and puppy cuddles are a necessity for this time of year (bonus points if you have a fireplace.) Maybe you’re doing the opposite and enjoying the crisp air with your furry friend - they do say work hard, play hard! 

Whether you two stay in and chill or go out and explore, you can always have peace of mind with the Dog ID on their collar. 

Dog-tor Approved

Did you know that owning a dog actually has medical benefits? Jeremy Barron, M.D. has conducted research that shows your furry pal actually reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and benefits overall health. He’s put his research into one article that you can check out. I was shocked at all the ways dogs improve our lives. Bottom line: go pet your pup, doctor’s orders! 

Puppies at the Plaza

I’m pushing past my own jealousy to show you the definition of a pampered pup! The Plaza in New York City is not only dog-friendly, but they even give your little buddy a custom robe! Watch this beautiful dog and his owner enjoy a little staycation in the greatest city in the world. 

Sit, Stay

I want to know how you and your dog bond best. Email me letting me know your favorite thing to do with your dog! Do you hike together? Do you enjoy a night in? I want to know! As always, pictures are encouraged. 

I hope this issue could inspire you to take some time for yourself and your dog and just enjoy each other’s company! Be sure to share this with a friend who deserves a little relaxation, let them know they deserve it.