Stow poop. Store treats. Stash phone. Keep dignity.

Eliminate embarrassment (for you and your pooch) and become the envy of the entire dog park! 

Features that aren't Schitty

Double-Walled Doo Doo Chamber

Yes, DOUBLE walled! This means you can neatly tuck a full Poopy Bag in the chamber and the stink can stay contained. You can enjoy the rest of your walk taking in the sights instead of desperately looking for a trash can.

3 Ways to Wear

The Schitty Kit can be worn on your shoulder, around your waist, and on your belt clip! The straps and clip are all included with your kit so you can get back to strutting the pedestrian runway (aka the sidewalk).

Easy Poop Bag Access

No need to make the process harder or messier. The Schitty Kit has easy Poopy Bag access to clean your hands of any doggie doo evidence ASAP because the fact you have to pick up after your dog is embarrassing enough.

Hi Vis Stitching

No Ones Going to Know...