Dogs Are People Too: Volume 3

Hello! It’s here again - time for Dogs Are People Too Vol. 3! In case you’ve forgotten, my name is Bethany and I am chronically online looking at dog content. I compile my favorites into this newsletter to make it easier for you to find the best dog-gone news!

Last week I introduced a VID (Very Important Dog) in my life named Bosco. Now, it’s time to introduce you to the mastermind of the pair. Meet Bosco’s older brother, Appa.

Appa is a large boy, but don’t underestimate his ability to sniff out and acquire snacks in complete silence. I’ve seen him knock things over with his own butt and run into walls, but if there’s food involved he’s suddenly in the CIA. If you remember in the last newsletter I talked about how Bosco only wants to sniff your food...Appa will take it. He’ll take it and feel no remorse.

You have to love his face, though, and he looks pretty handsome in a Rock Solid Collar ID, if I do say so myself. Now let’s get on to Volume 3!

Na Na Na Na Bat Dog
Imagine you’re at a baseball game, it’s the bottom of the ninth (NOTE: I don’t know what that means, but it sounds dramatic), and…wait…is that a dog on the field?

If you’re at a Pelicans game, that may just be what you see! South Carolina’s Minor League Baseball team has Slider to play the role of batdog. They recruited Slider when he was 1 year old and he works his tail off to be the best bat retriever you’ve ever seen.

There’s no crying in baseball…unless you can’t handle the cuteness.
Angel in the Outfield

Blue Whales
Yes, this is still a dog newsletter. I found a TikTok that features the most adorable, expressive little pitbull with a voiceover that is 100% their actual voice. You can’t convince me otherwise. This video has lived rent-free in my mind, and I hope it makes you laugh because it makes me randomly giggle throughout the day.

Drive Through Service
In Volume 2, I asked you to share your dog’s quirks…and you all delivered! One of my favorite responses was from Hilary A., who shared her dog Lilly’s love for the drive-thru. Don’t worry, there’s a photo!

I hope she got herself a Cookout Tray, she deserves it. If you’re from the south, or that random city in Maryland, you know.

Brushing Up on My Illustration Skills
In Volume 1 of Dogs Are People Too you had a brief introduction to DOG iD’s illustrator, Marty. While we were discussing future illustrations for Marty to create, I drew (read: attempted to draw) a dog on a dry erase board.

This led to our my co-worker Alexa's genius idea to give me a prompt, and I would make my own illustration.

Here is the prompt: A dog in a cowboy hat rollerblading through St. Louis while blowing bubbles

Here is the result:

So basically, Marty has some competition.

Your turn! If you feel like you can rival my expert artwork, reply to this email with your own interpretation of the prompt. This one should be good.

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